Tulloch Verdelho 2022

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Verdelho was always my favorite white wine until I discovered Sauvignon Blanc.  So now and then when I might dip my toe back into it.  The Tulloch Verdelho 2022 was one of those occasions.

I tend to gravitate toward having a Verdelho whenever I have a creamy seafood dish.

For me, it’s about enjoying the wine. I don’t go with the pairing of wines thing, but it works for me in this case.  It was enjoyed with a creamy seafood marinara dish, which brought out the tropical fruit flavors with it.

I always found Verdelho’s a little more complex than Chardonnay.  It’s well worth trying I believe, if you prefer a well-balanced wine.

About the Verdelho grape variety

Verdelho is a white wine grape originally grown throughout Portugal.  It was associated with the island of Madeira and also gives its name to one of the four main types of Madeira wine. At the turn of the 20th century, it was the most widely planted white grape in Madeira

Verdelho made its way to Australia in the 1820s and very quickly gained popularity.  It was a similar weight to a unoaked chardonnay.

Tulloch Verdelho From The Bottle

This benchmark Verdelho is busting with fresh tropical fruit flavors unencumbered by oak.

The Tulloch story began in 1895 when John Younie Tulloch accepted an unusual settlement of a debt, a 43-acre property in the Hunter Valley.  Tulloch took an immediate liking to the property and the five acres of neglected vines it contained.  He set about rejuvenating the vineyard and so began the proud family tradition that continues today.  Tulloch’s reputation is built upon quality and the experience required to produce wine styles for all generations.

The Guff

Details: 12.5 % Alcohol, Scew top

Tasted: November 2023

Best Drinking: I recommend to anyone enjoying a seafood dish. Maybe on a warm summer day.

Score: 15 /20

Region: Hunter Valley NSW.

Buy From: BWS

Comments: A fancy wine.  Not a big selection of wineries in Australia make it.

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