Hi, I’m Darren, and welcome to Smashed Grape Version 3.0.

Why Smashed Grape version 3.0

Well, it’s the third time this site has been hacked, and I have had to rebuild it.  That sort of sucks, but there is a silver lining.  I get to try all those yummy wines again.

Why Smashed Grape

This site has been developed with one thing in mind a pursuit of all things wine and wine-related and maybe a little food.  The website SmashedGrape.com is my pet project.

I just love great wine, good food, and decent friends.  So every chance I get I review the wine that I’ve tried with the food I’ve had it with.  The wineries that I’ve been to or things that can help you enjoy your wine such as a wine aerator.

This site has grown, each time I try something I like how it goes.  I’m not a wine expert, but I just love a glass of wine with great food.  So I try to put forth my recommendations as well as other ideas, like How to combat a wine hangover.

Where is my closest winery

Honestly, this can change a bit. But South Australia – Mc Laren Vale wine region and Barossa wine region have been my closest wine regions for years.  i have lived in too many places to list.  The closest bottle shop is my favourite wine shop.

The Smashed Grape mission

This site is not meant to be about wine snobbery.  Rather the best that wine and everything that can come with it has to offer.

So look around, enjoy it, try some of the wine.

Some of it’s great, some of it terrible, but I still drank it.  Let me know what you think.