Is A Monthly Wine Club Really Worth It ?

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Is a monthly wine club worth it?  Well, that depends on what you are looking for. If you are new to wine or have always been a spirit or beer drinker.  Then yes joining a wine club might be the right way to go for you.

Monthly wine club – Worth it or not?

I want to take a look at the value of wine clubs and wine subscriptions.  Keep in mind monthly wine clubs are very different from buying grays online wine or all the other online shops where you can get wine.

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Depending on where you live there are several opportunities available to join a wine club. For instance, if you live near a wine-growing region, you may find that the local wineries offer free membership to join their wine club.

Another alternative is to see if a local hotel runs wine-tasting nights, which may lead to the opportunity to not only regularly enjoy a wine club but where there are also social interaction opportunities.

Monthly wine club

The concept behind wine clubs

The usual concept of a wine club is the tasting of several wines from different regions or wineries. There is usually a tasting of maybe three different varieties of white wine and three varieties of reds.

Sometimes there is an opportunity to taste a fortified wine, such as a port or liqueur. So if you are new to drinking wines, then joining a club like this would be beneficial to you.

Most professional clubs will have a person speaking about the various wines offered on the night. They will tell you about the region that a particular wine comes from, and the variety of grapes grown to produce that wine.

Technical wine tasting isn’t scary

Sometimes it may become a little too technical for the amateur and that may be off-putting, but on the whole, it is an excellent way to learn about wines and their different varieties.

Some wine clubs offer food that will complement each wine that is being offered for tasting, while others will offer a variety of cheese and crackers, and there are some that just simply have wine.

Some people use a monthly wine club as an opportunity to socialize with their friends, which is an excellent idea. Not only do they have the opportunity to taste new wines from several different regions but they have the chance to catch up with friends at the same time.

Make sure you know your budget

A price comparison for the different wines is usually noted so if you are on a limited budget then joining a wine club allows you to experience wines that might otherwise be outside your budget.

On the other hand, it will encourage you to perhaps budget for that special bottle of wine that you discovered on the night and wouldn’t normally consider purchasing.

On the whole, a monthly wine club is a great concept. Not only does it offer the opportunity to taste a particular wine but it helps expand your palate by encouraging you to try wines that at first may not appeal to you.

You will become educated about wines and perhaps discover that you have developed a preference for a certain variety of wines.

Some prefer white wines as their first choice while others prefer to only drink red wines, and many enjoy the whole spectrum of wines.

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