Hear No Evil Shiraz – 2022

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hear no evil shirazEntering friends, drinking good wine, and eating food is what life is all about.  It’s a challenge to pick a wine for a friend that they might like.   When you never drink organic wines. it’s almost an impossible challenge to pick an Organic wine for a friend that they might like.  Thank god for the Hear No Evil Shiraz 2022 Vintage.

What is Organic Wine

First, let’s look at what is organic wine.

Organic wine is wine made from grapes grown by the principles of organic farming.  which excludes the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

Call me crazy, but I think the preservatives make things more tasty.

Is the wine decent and good?

Well, it was a Friday night barbecue, with a couple of friends around.  The Hear No Evil Shiraz 2022 vintage was bought sorely for a friend who only likes Organic.  I had a glass of it.

All I can say is it was a decent Shiraz.  I am not sure I would have liked to have a full bottle. I find no preservatives end up giving me headaches.

My friend raved over it.  To be fair though he also raves over the colours in a sunset.  For those who like Organic wines, I would certainly recommend this bottle.

Hear No Evil Shiraz  – From The Bottle

What’s this about monkey business? Believe it or not, There is quite a lot of it in traditional winemaking.  That’s why we use organically grown grapes.  Then we let our shiraz develop naturally with minimal intervention to maximize the flavors of the fruit and the character of the vineyard. before bottling, the wine is finished with the teeniest amount of preservatives because we don’t want to mess with Mother Nature.

The Guff

Details: 14.0% Alcohol, Screw Cab

Tasted: December 2023

Best Drinking: A great wine, I had with a Chicken Massaman curry.

Score: 16 /20

Region: Central Ranges – NSW

Buy From: BWS

Comments: Well, according to the friend I got the bottle for.  It was a decent Shiraz, perfect as he will only eat and drink organic. (Something about his body being a temple).  My thoughts were, that it was nice, not groundbreaking but decent.  Again I prefer non-organic wines.

I’ve lived in South Australia where world-class wineries are at your doorstep.  I sometimes forget Australia is a big place with amazing wines, and the Central Ranges wine region of NSW certainly proves that.

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