Gravatar profileHi, I’m Darren and welcome to Smashed Grape.  This site has been developed with one thing in mind a pursuit of all things wine and wine related and maybe a little food, its my pet project.

I love great wine, good food, and decent friends.  So every chance I get I review wine I’ve tried with the food I’ve had it with, wineries that I’ve been to or things that can help you enjoy your wine such as a wine aerator.

This site has grown, each time I try something I like up it goes.  I’m not a wine expert, but I really just love a wine with great food.  So I try to put forth my recommendations as well as other ideas, like being a new breed of wine enthusiast.  This site is not meant to be about wine snobbery, but rather the best that wine and everything that can come with it has to offer.

The way I’ve designed this site is –

So look around, enjoy it, try some of the wines… Some of its great, some of its terrible, but I still drank it.  Let me know what you think.