Are Wine Subscription Services Really Good Value ?

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wine subscription servicesThis  is a debatable point for a lot of people. There are companies who push their wines by encouraging their customers to purchase a carton of wine monthly and while this concept may suit some, it’s not for everyone. There is the potential that perhaps after a period of six months or so you find that you are getting the same wines over and over again, with little or no change in variety or even worse really bad quality wine.

How They Choose Wines

The wines are usually chosen by am in-house sommelier and when you think about it that is their opinion and preference. It may not be what suits your palate, or what you personally prefer to drink. There is usually two or three bottles of each wine chosen, so if you’re not happy with the selection then you are stuck with the other bottles that didn’t’ suit you palate.

Can You Cancel

Most reputable companies offer the opportunity to cancel at any time if you decide having a wine subscription service is not for you. There is the potential to have so much wine on hand that it may not cellar well and goes off before you have the opportunity to drink it, particularly if you live in the tropics. That is of course if you’re not a big wine drinker.

Subscribe or Not

When joining an on-line wine club it’s best not to have an ongoing subscription, but choose to buy a fixed length subscription that will finish when you choose. If you find a wine club that isn’t to your taste then select a different one next time. When deciding on which club to join, choose one that has a worthwhile introductory offer. Try to steer clear of ones that offer cheap goods like wine tasting glasses and corkscrews. Select ones that offer free shipment on a first order or an extra shipment or a free bottle of wine with your first order.

Security when buying with Credit Cards

Be mindful of handing over your credit cards to on-line clubs as there is no guarantee that it is safe  as there is little control over what happens to it and your email address after you join. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving unwanted emails about products that are of no interest to you.

There are companies that offer home visits for tasting imported wines and once they have your interest push to have you commit to an ongoing purchase of their wines. They usually off a free gift that is of little value, and they think that this will entice you to welcome them to you home. Sadly many people fall for this offer and find it difficult to say no, and have difficulty severing the commitment they feel that they have been forced into making.

At the end of the day selecting your own wines from a local outlet might be the best way to go for the majority of people as committing to a wine subscription service isn’t for everyone, particularly if working to a budget.

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