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Wine ClubJoining a wine club of the month is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest wines and from which region they are sourced. It can also be a regular social outing for family and friends, this is different to joining a wine subscription service like Wine Selectors.

Many companies host these events each month, offering a range of wines to sample and to introduce new wines from various regions. Some hotels, which have liquor barns, also offer a membership to a monthly wine club. They have an advantage for their members as they will possibly showcase the wines that they stock in their facility, allowing the customers to purchase there and then and therefore boosting their own wines sales.

These wines clubs of the month sometimes offer premium wines and charge accordingly, so that it becomes an expensive event for some. However as a general rule across the board, there is a variety of wines priced to suit all budgets and tastes.

As in many businesses some wine clubs prey on consumers who have a disposable income and perhaps fail to read the fine print . It’s important to be aware of the club you are considering joining. Many companies offer private- label wine clubs in order to make more profit.

However often these companies don’t have the option of selecting the wines that are offered. They have very little control over what happens to your credit card number or email address after you join. This may lead to you being pestered by unwanted emails about products you have no wish to purchase.

It is a well known fact that most wine outlets charge their customers full retail price, so you are rarely ever going to get a deal there. It is a rare occasion that a wine store will offer a refund on a wine you don’t like. Most local wine outlets have employees who haven’t sampled the wines they are selling , so asking their opinion is pointless.

As a general rule a wine club will taste hundreds of wines each month and select the best of the best  to offer to their customers. These clubs order dozens of cases of wines whereas the local wine store will only order one or two cases. Therefore wine clubs are able to offer premium wines at a discount to their members.

Some wine clubs will allow you to select which wines you will receive or establish a palate profile and customize your selections to it, thus providing a valuable service that you wouldn’t normally receive from the local wine outlet.

Why not consider forming a wine club of your own between family and friends. Challenge everyone to select one bottle of wine that they haven’t tried before and during the course of the evening everyone samples all the wines that have been bought along. This is an excellent way to discover new wines that you may not have tried before. Maybe try using the concept for a fund raising occasion, perhaps for a club or charity, with gold coin entry fee.

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