French Wine Region

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French Wine RegionFrance is reportedly the largest producer of wine than any other country. The classic wine growing regions are Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. France has a rather extraordinary range of terrain and weather patterns. At times the vines don’t get enough sunlight to ripen the grapes to the extent required for quality wine.

Bordeaux is on the west coast and has a dampness that is a constant threat to the vines. Burgundy, which is situated inland and to the north, has a cooler climate and higher rainfall which allows the region to produce excellent red wine. In Champagne, Frances northern most wine growing region, the grapes struggle to ripen, which allows winemakers to produce quality sparkling wines as there is a high acid and low sugar content which is required for sparkling wines.

Champagne Region

Billecart-Salmon: This is a small house that was established in 1818 and still has the same motto today.” Give priority to quality, strive for excellence”. They produce champagnes that are fine and delicate and age well. Billecart produces a greater percentage of Rose` than most houses. Their Brut Rose` is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir
Cattier: The Cattier family have owned this vineyard since 1763 and since 1918 have been making their own champagne. Their cellars are amongst the deepest in the region at 30 metre underground. The wine is often left for ten years on lees, which allows it to produce soft, toasty, warm-biscuit characters. They are well known for their Brut and Rose`.


Established in 1829: Bollinger champagne is a favourite throughout the world. The style is distinctive: rich, complex and heavily reliant on pinot.
Devaux: Established in 1976 and owned by a cooperative of 800 members. Their range includes a vintage Blanc De Blanc. A rare non-vintage Blanc De Noirs and one of the few Rose` des Riceys produced In 1987, Devaux as involved in setting up Yarrabank, a quality sparkling wine producer in the Yarra Valley Australia.


Established in 1808: This house was once owned by Cistercian Monks from Clairvaux Abbey and it has some 12th century vaulted cellars. This small independent producer first came to notice when General De Gaulle declared its champagne to be his favorite. They produce a range of vintage and non-vintage champagne bearing the Carte d’Or Brut label.


This is the oldest wine house in Champagne as it was established in 1584. Gosset Curvee`s are still presented in antique flasks as they were in the 18th century. They produce an impressive range of Brut.

Alfred Gratien

Established in 1864: The Gratien wines tend to have a higher acidity than most when young and they develop complexity with age by being fermented in small barrels. They produce a range of champagne from a Brut Rose` and Curve Chardonnay to a Blanc de Blanc.

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