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French Wine Region Again

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French Wine REgionCharles Heidsieck: Established in 1785. Heidsieck’s prestige champagne is intently flavoured 100% Chardonnay Blanc de Millenaires which is usually 12 to 15 years old when released. It is one of the most recognised in the profession.

Krug; Established in 1843.Although the ownership of this house passed from the family in 1999, the Krug brothers still manage the company. Vintage Krug is one of the world’s great wines. It exhibits delicacy and finesse and has a great richness and depth of flavour.  It is 100% Chardonnay Clos de Mesnil.

Lanson: Established in 1760. The house of Lanson has always blended their champagne using Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. By blending the two varieties they achieve the right balance of flavour and finesse. Their vintage wines exhibit nutty yeasty characters.

Mercier: Established in 1858. In 1871, 18 kilometres of tunnels were constructed, taking 6 years to complete.  Visitors toured the tunnels in horse drawn carriages, and today tours are still conducted with over 100,000 visitors through each year. The House of Mercier Champagne originally owned the Dom Perignon label, but gave it to Moet et Chandon when a Mercier married a Chandon Moet.

Moet  et Chandon: Established in 1743. The largest of the Champagne houses and the first to be floated on the Paris Stock Exchange in 1962. Moet claims that there is a bottle of its champagne popped somewhere in the world every day. Their flagship Dom Perignon exhibits delicate citrus flavours, rich and creamy in texture.

Perrier-Jouet: Established in 1811. The Perrier-Jouet champagne has a unique style renowned for its floral elegance. The Vintage curve presents with a strong yeasty, bready flavour.

Philipponnat: For almost 500 years the Philipponnat family have left their mark on the Champagne region. In the 16th century the family’s ancestors were wine growers and merchants and supplied the court of Louis XIV. Their flagship wine the Clos des Goisses is sourced for the Marne Valley vineyard of the same name. Floral when young it develops into powerful toasty flavours and had a creamy honeyed texture when it ages.

Piper-Heidseick :  Established in 1834: This is one of the three Heidsieck firms that can trace their roots back to the original house founded in 1785. They produce an outstanding collection of champagne, with the flavours of Brut, Curvee, Rose Sauvage and Vintage Brut.

Pol Rodger: Established in 1849. A family owned establishment that has over 160 years carved out a reputation for producing champagne that equals the very best of Champagne brands. It is reported that this house produce Winston Churchill’s favourite champagne. Their Blank de Chardonnay combines lemony freshness and an exquisite creamy texture and impressive intensity.

Pommery: Established in 1856. It was once better known for its wool trading rather than its champagne. It is now one of the Champagne’s region largest producers of champagne. Tourists visit the network of chalk cellars under the city of Reims where over 20 million bottles of champagne are stored. Pommery has a great name in champagne history, with their prestige Cuvee Louise displaying great intensity and depth of flavour.

Louis Roederer: Established in 1760. It is one of the great houses of champagne and has a wide range of wines. When the champagne has been developed it is blended with a liqueur, bottled and left in dark cellars over a few years to mature. Their Brut Nature Cuvee has a smooth velvety texture with a freshness and fruitiness of the grapes that are characteristics of the Louis Roederer champagne.

Ruinart: Established in 1729. The oldest of Champagne houses and boasts a connection to Dom Perignon. Originally a draper Nicholas Ruinart abounded the cloth trade to concentrate on producing “wine with bubbles” and was so successful he went from producing 170 bottles of champagne to 36,000 by 1761. The flagship wine, Dom Ruinart, a Blanc de Blancs is outstanding.

Salon: Established in 1914. Salon is unique in Champagne in that if offers only one wine, a vintage Blanc de Blanc that has a great depth of flavour and elegance and razor sharp acidity. It ages extremely well.

Tattinger: Established in 1734.The prestige wines of Tattinger are the Comtes de Champagne which is a 100% Chardonnay wine and a 100% Pinot Noir Comtes de Champagne. Unusually for champagne a portion of the Comtes de Champagne includes a wine that has been matured in new oak. This gives it an enticing creamy texture.

Veuve Clicquot: Established in 1772. Best known today for its rich pinot dominated champagnes, which includes the Yellow Label Brut nonvintage. Madame Clicquot took control of the house in 1805 after the death of her husband. She was 27 and managed to transform the company into what it is today. The prestige cuvee, La Grande Dame is a wine of great finesse and balance with biscuity, yeasty flavours and is classed as one of the finest champagnes on the market.

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