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greys onlineAs I said previously in the last post how to buy wine online Australia, life is good, when you be in the comfort of your own lunge room, and be browsing online for the next wine you want to buy online.

Most wine connoisseurs think wineries or bottle shop outlets to get their wine fix, they rarely think about turning to online auction sites to make a wine purchase.

Greys online (Grays online) have a reputation mainly as an equipment auction website, but nothing could be further from the truth, they often run wine auctions and immediate buy now options for an amazing range of wines.

I have a close wine mate, that will buy a couple of cartons of wine per month from Grays Online, I had always thought that all they every sold were clean skins, or $5 per bottle lucky dips. Until I was at a dinner party at his place one day, I realized nothing could be further from the truth.

Grey’s online have an amazing selection of wines, from some of the most popular wineries and wine regions around Australia, including Margaret river, south Australia, McLaren vale, Barossa, and plenty of different wine varieties as well, like Cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, pinot noir sauvignon blanc, shiraz/ syrah..

Generally pricing will start from an average $9 per case up to hundreds per case, so it really comes down to smart buying at an online wine auction.

Its a very simple matter to open an greys online account and just start to search for what wine deals they might have on the go as any given time. Once you purchase and pay the associated fees all you need to do is wait for delivery.

Just a tip here, make sure that when you make a purchase make sure you have factored in any auction fees. There is nothing worse then thinking you’ve bought a bargain, to find out your are paying store prices.

I’ve purchase a few cases myself, and always had them delivered promptly. Due to the size of the case and the fragile nature of the bottles, you might find that the delivery driver will leave a please pick up card if you aren’t home.

In Australia, Greys online have rapidly grown into a leader in the buying wine online niche, and they really seem to fill it well, with several different name brands as well, often on sale, like Penfolds, or Peter Lehman.

I recently met someone that gave me a 20 minute lecture on how to hold a wine glass, so I am the last person in the world that tell anyone to do anything other then enjoy what they drink. weather that a $5 clean skin or a $600 Penfolds.

Buying wine online through a auction website is very much the same. Buy what you like, if you get a bad bottle you can always cook with it, or just give it away to friends. But there are some amazing barging to be found online.. Check it out..

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